When I was debating what my next blog post should be about then I decided on a motivational one. I then remembered my video from a little over a year ago that I posted on YouTube. I decided to incorporate that video into this post and write a little about it, which will include the information that’s within the video and new information. If you prefer to read rather than watch a video, then definitely just scroll past the video to see how to be happy and stay motivated.

How to Be Happy | How to Stay Motivated:


What is Happiness?

There isn’t a particular definition of happiness. I mean if you look up happiness, then, of course, you’ll find a definition. Everyone has a different perspective of what happiness is and how to be happy.


How to Be Happy?

Focus on Yourself and Take Care of Yourself:

Don’t focus on others as much, instead put yourself first. Have good hygiene. Having good hygiene will make you happy because if you’re clean and taking care of yourself, then you’re going to be happier. If you’re just laying around and haven’t showered in days then you just can’t be happy like that. Taking care of yourself can also mean that you should exercise and eat healthier. When you’re taking care of your body then you will feel a whole lot better.


Do Things for Others:

Try to make other people smile, whether it’s just a compliment like “you look pretty today” or “your hair looks really good today”. When you bring others up and you see that other person smile when you compliment them, then that’s going to make you happy.

Anytime that I compliment someone and I see their face light up once I give them that compliment, then it means the world to me. Remember that the compliment that you gave that person could be the only good thing that they’ve heard out of anyone’s mouth the whole entire day, week, or even longer. You don’t know what goes on behind closed doors AT ALL. You may think you know what goes on behind closed doors but you do not. That person could be going through a thousand more things than you’re going through. It should make you happier by helping to make someone else happy. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to buy things for other people. But if you want to donate to charities, then do that! Do what makes YOU happy.


Be Thankful:

Don’t take everything for granted. There are even people who are in high school that I know who have to work their tails off just to be able to have food on the table for their little sisters, little brothers, and their family. Maybe their parent can’t get a job, they may be the caregiver of their parent, or their parent doesn’t make enough money to support the family. Things like what I just shared are very sad, but more families than you realize go through that. We get to sit here and watch youtube videos and read blog posts, while they may be working their tails off just to be able to eat. Think of things like that and be grateful for what you do have. Everyone has those moments where they take things for granted, but just be appreciative for everything you have.


Stay Organized & Make Reasonable Goals:

Keeping your room clean or having a planner are ways to stay organized. It will help you to be a happier person because if you’re in a cluttered mess, then you’re just not going to be as happy. Make little goals for yourself each day such as I’m going to start working out every other day. Making goals will motivate you to get up and do things.


Surround Yourself with Positivity:

If you hang out with a group of people that are always bringing you down or trying to influence you to do bad things, then you shouldn’t be around those people. Bad things are things that you wouldn’t do if your parents are around and that you wouldn’t want your kids to do. Let those people do their bad things and you move on away from that. Positive people are going to uplift you and go out of their way to do things for you because that’s what friends do. It will make you a lot happier knowing that you have real friends who aren’t trying to influence you to do bad things.


Exercise & Eat Healthy:

Exercising refreshes you and when you’re exercising, then you’re not thinking about anything else. It’s a great way to get away from everything. Eating healthy is good for your body, which will ultimately make you feel better. You will notice a huge difference in your mood when you’re getting up and doing things, rather than laying around and not using your time wisely.


What is Motivation?

The typical definition of motivation is the desire to get something done.


How to Be Motivated & Stay Motivated?

Get a Positive Attitude:

Based off of research then happiness increases productivity and successes. I mean research doesn’t lie and it makes perfect sense. When do you tend to procrastinate the most? Exactly, when you’re unhappy. A way to get motivated when you’re not feeling up to do anything is to reward yourself for any progress that you make.


Get Rewarded:

Based off of research then rewards are responsible for 75% of why we do things. Always reward yourself when you make progress or complete a task.


Sites that go more in-depth about the topic and have extra tips about how to stay motivated, get motivated, and how to be happy.

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  1. Often we don’t take the time to spend on ourselves and women are better at giving compliments than receiving them. Great post thanks for your advice.

  2. It’s definitely very important to surround yourself with positivity, but to also be the positive force in your own life and the lives of others – positivity will attract the good around you. 🙂

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